Heating, Cooling & Ventilation (HVAC)

Air Handling Units - Heat Recover Unit
Fan-Coil Systems
VRV Air Conditioning Systems
VAV - CAV Systems
Split Air Conditioner
Aspirators and Fans
Volume, Smoke and Fire Dampers
Linear Grille - Circular Diffuser - Louvre- Silencer
Mechanical Automation (BMS)
Exproof Systems

Sanitary Systems

Solid, Liquid and Gas Fuel Boilers
Liquid Fuel Condensing Boilers
Cascade Systems
Radiator Systems
Underfloor Heating Systems - Floor Convector
Solar Energy Systems
Domestic Woter System and Waste Water Systems
Sanitary Ware - Fixture and Accessory Materials
Pool Systems
"Pipe, Valve, Fittings (STEEL, GALVANIZED, PVC, C-PVC, U-PVC HDPE, PPRC etc.)"

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Coupling, Threaded and Welded Fire System Equipment
Sprinkler System
Fire Fighting Pumps (UL-FM)
Hydrant Lines and Fire Hose Cabinets
FM 200, CO2 and Argon Fire Extinguishing Systems
Modular Water and Fuel Tanks
Fire Insulation Materials

Insulation And Connection Equipment

Glass and Rock Wool Insulation
Rubber Insulation
Sheet Cladding
Flexible Channels
Flange, Corner, Clip
U-L-C-H Profiles
Hanger and Support Profiles
Assembly Materials
Clamps and Seismic Equipment
Flexible Pipes
Smart Profiles

Medical Equipment

Hygienic Air Handling Units
Laminar Flow
Medical Gas
Oxygen Generator
Hospital Bed
Operating Room, Intensive Care and Medical Devices
Stainless Hospital Fixture Materials
Protective Consumables Equipment
HEPA Filters